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How's My Driving?

If you have any comments, criticisms, suggestions or ideas about how I play or should play Grell Sutcliffe, please leave them here.

Anon is on, IP is off, and all comments are screened. :)

EDIT 12/15/2010:
Regarding the use of personal pronouns for Grell in prose writing:

This is a note explaining my use of pronouns regarding Grell. For those unfamiliar with Grell's canon there is something very important to know in order to understand the character. Grell is biologically male, but mentally and emotionally female. From a physical standpoint, Grell looks every bit like a man - flat chest, Adam's Apple, broad shoulders - except for long red hair, mannerisms and the tendency to wear makeup (most often rouge, lipstick and fake eyelashes). On the other hand, mentally speaking, Grell considers herself a female and wishes to be referred to and treated as such.

However, this presents a problem when writing in third-person prose and action logs when the other party may be unaware of the character. As such, I have made the conscious choice to write Grell with male pronouns in prose whereas she refers to herself as female in anything ICly-written or spoken. This is to avoid confusion on the part of other players and to maintain IC reactions to Grell who is admittedly a somewhat jarring character for some other characters because of her gender vs. biological sex choice.

Personally, I view Grell as a complex character who is quite open about the fact that she was created male by God, but still maintains enough free will to go against how God made her and live a decidedly feminine life. I am completely open to discussion on this point, however, and if anyone feels offended that I continue to use male pronouns for prose writing, I am more than willing to discuss the issue and work with you until a compromise is reached.

Please feel free to bring any and all concerns to my attention and thank you to the one who brought this to me in the first place.


~Appointments & Messages~

Will spruce it up later, but this is for all the random threads, messages, and appointments for Grell Sutcliffe.

Be sure to label your thread with the date and type of interaction, and any other information you deem necessary.
      Example: [Voice - March 5th] / [Action - March 12th] / [Video - April 7th]

ooc: Permissions Post

These seem to be all the rage with the powered characters, huh?

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21st ♥ [Written | Action]

Let's play a game. I need a pick-me-up.

Word association.

First word that comes to mind when you hear: Southern.

[After writing that note in the journal, Grell is out at the fountain to do her nails despite the overcast weather. The cooler weather won't stop her from going out to shape her nails and being away from the house is a bit...refreshing. Feel free to talk to her at the fountain or play her game.]

20th ♥ [Voice]

[Action for House 11:

Grell had been concerned when Lizzie didn't show up for the usual morning meal, but she hadn't thought this would happen. She'd known the moment she'd approached the girl's room that something was wrong and when she threw the door open and saw how empty it was save for a used quill and a dried ink stain along with an unfinished letter, she simply couldn't deal. This place had taken so much from her already, but Lizzie? With a scream, she grabbed the letter and fled the house with little regard for the other residents or the people in the surrounding houses.

Somewhere toward midafternoon, Grell will finally put up a voice post.

...Elizabeth Middleford sends her regards and apologizes that she can no longer be among you.

She sends her affection to you, Smoker, and to the rest of the village. Apologies for being unable to keep her appointments and training schedules...And hopes you all return home soon as well.


That is all.

19th ♥ [Voice|Action]

--nngh..... Where....


Is that...


Oh Lord, no. No, this can't--! [The voice cuts off in a hiss of pain.

So Grell is back and not so happy per usual. She's been dumped in the middle of the town square, quite beaten up and more than a little broken, and, most of all, quite human. For the next two weeks, Grell is one of the plain old mortals. No powers, no nothing, and she gets to deal with needing to breathe and having a heartbeat. Joy of joys for her.

Someone come help her get to the clinic? She can no longer heal herself after all.

18th ♥ [Voice]

--n't you touch me! I am NOT going with you! GET OUT OF THIS HO--

[Something smashes against the wall and shatters. Moments later Grell's chainsaw roars to life.]

I LIKED THAT VASE!! I'm going to carve a new one from your ugly faces!!

[But that doesn't quite work because it never does. After a nasty fight which likely broke more than just her vase, Grell is dragged out for her second mallynapping. Be back later, gaiz.]

17th ♥ [ voice | action ]

[It is high time to do something about this hair. The rest, she can't do much about, but the hair at least she can change. It's not the length that's the problem, it's the color and so by mid-morning of this fine day, Grell has dyed her embarrassingly red hair a nice shade of black. It goes well with the simple black suit she's wearing, too.

People can find her hedging her way around town, trying to remain as inconspicuous as possible. And likely failing at it. When she gets to the shops and can't seem to find what she needs, she opens her journal to ask the town.

Might anyone happen to know where I could find a simple hair tie?

Or...less...noticeable spectacles? These red frames...they stand out terribly.

[ooc; all replies will be coming from deadlyjuliet for icon purposes. orz]

16th ♥ [Voice]

Well. Now that it seems all the new lambs have been brought to our pleasant little hamlet, might I ask a question?

Is there anyone in this village licensed to be a beautician? A hair stylist? Manicurist? Anyone? There is only so much a lady can do for herself.

And only so long she can stand neglecting the finer things in life.